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GEICO fellowship to broaden knowledge on the field of gynecologic cancer (Jan B Vermorken fellowship)

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Open Call for participation 2017-2018 
Fellowship objectives and endowment 
Objective and value of the grant 
GEICO (Spanish Group for investigation on Ovarian Cancer), consistent with its commitment to share knowledge and promote gynaecological cancer research, announces the 8th Jan Vermorken Research Grant for Research in Gynaecological Cancer.
The PURPOSE of this fellowship is to complete the academic training of young medical oncologists, or related specialties (Gynecological Oncology, Molecular Biology, Pathology) through a stay in a prestigious center, closely tied to the applicant´s research project.Once completed, it will allow these young doctors to incorporate their acquired knowledge to their own practice as well as their workplace and the GEICO Group.
It will be a four to six-month fellowship and the candidate will be able to chose one of the collaborating GEICO centers (local or foreign), with proven experience in Gynaecological Cancertreatment and Research.
Endowment given will be established based on location and length of stay, the maximum amount being 15.000 Euros. 

Applicants must:
Be contractually linked to a center with medical oncology, gynecological oncology or molecular biology department, at the time of application.
The title of Specialist or a certificate confirming that the applicant is taking the last course in the specialty must be submitted. Doctoral thesis for Molecular Biologists applicants.
An official letter of acceptance from the host center must be submitted.
Host-center language fluency.
A. Deadline and presentation of applications:
The submission period will begin on December 1st 2017 and will end on January 15th 2018.
The applications shall be submitted electronically by the researcher in ENGLISH within the aforementioned dates to the following email address:

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