Inicio Translational Research Working Group (GIT) Protocols for obtention, storage and delivery of biological samples

Protocols for obtention, storage and delivery of biological samples

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They are a working tool to manage the samples of the study, guaranteeing their quality and the homogeneity of samples between the participating institutions.


The protocol has been developed by the GIT in collaboration with experts in sample processing and handling. It allows the determination of a wide range of molecular factors, including:

  • soluble cytokines (ELISA, Luminex, etc.)
  • DNA studies, including determination of polymorphisms, PCR, sequencing, etc.
  • Serum RNA and microRNA.
  • metabolites and proteins of conventional and research use.

The protocols have been adapted to allow their use in a wide range of institutions and they will be revised and updated as necessary. Any comment or suggestion must be sent to the GIT ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Although the quality of the samples using this protocols has been validated, neither SEOM not GIT will be held responsible for any problem generated by the use of this protocols.

The GIT recommends to establish collaborations within each institution with the central laboratories and biobanks, to adapt and to incorporate these protocols to their regular practice, in order to facilitate the obtention of samples.


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