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Translational Research Working Group (GIT)

Grupo de Trabajo GIT

The Translational Research Working Group (Grupo de Investigación Traslacional, GIT) of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica, SEOM) was constituted in October 2009 during the XII National Meeting of SEOM, with the objective of helping clinical investigators to perform translational research projects in biological samples.

Specifically the GIT pretends to give support to clinical researchers:

  • Helping to ensure that the current legislation for research in biological samples is followed, in order to protect the rights of the patients.
  • Designing homogeneous protocols to obtain, process, store and deliver biological samples, to facilitate the conduct of multicentric projects, specially in the setting of Cancer Cooperative Groups, guaranteeing the quality of the processes.
  • Fostering the collaboration between clinical and basic research groups, to optimize the yield of the biological samples

Protocols for obtention of biological samples

Get the working tool to obtain, process, store, send samples of the Prospective Translational Study sponsored by SEOM.

access to the sampling protocol

Registry of Groups

This registry allows basic research groups to participate in the Prospective translational research project.

access the Group registration

GIT projects
Prospective translational SEOM

Prospective translational research project to determine predictive factors of efficacy and activity in cancer patients.

access to the prospective traslational

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