Gilead's Research Scholars Program in Oncology Solid Tumors

Gilead Research Scholars Program supports innovative research from emerging investigators around world to advance scientific knowledge in areas of unmet medical needs and improve the lives of patients everywhere.

The program is designed to support innovative basic, translational and clinical scientific research related to Oncology Solid Tumors. For the 2022 cycle, the program will focus on Breast Cancer only. Each award is funded up to $130,000 USD over two years, paid as annual installments of $65,000 USD per year directly to the scholar’s institution. Funding for the second year is contingent upon submission of a progress report and approval by the Scientific Review Committee Chair.
From application submission to award disbursement, the timeline for the Solid Tumors Program is as follows:
Application deadline: 01 May 2022
Applicant notification: 15 July 2022
Hold an MD or PhD (or equivalent degree) at time of award. MD or PhD qualifications would have to have been obtained within the last 8 years. Exceptions can apply.
  • Early to Mid-career scientists with a strong research track record who hold a position at a recognized research institution in one of the eligible countries at the time of application (see above for list of countries) and whose tenure of that position encompasses the projected period of the award.
  • Have a strong career interest in Oncology Solid Tumors.
  • Have a research mentor with extensive experience in the field of Solid Tumors.
  • Be able to devote approximately 30-50% of their professional time to research for the next two years (versus administrative, patient care, or teaching responsibilities).
  • Be able to complete the proposed research within the two-year award period, providing evidence (manuscript, presentation, or abstracts) resulting from the research.
  1. Indirect Costs
    In an effort to maximize the research benefit of the award, the program encourages that every effort be made to minimize the utilization of the award to cover indirect costs. Indirect costs may not exceed 10% of the award value, and are included as part of the budget, not as an addition to the value of the award (subject to local variances to be approved by Gilead Sciences). Indirect
    costs are defined as overhead costs paid directly to the institution, for example maintenance of labs/space and departmental/admin costs.
  2. Salaries
    The applicant may allocate up to $50,000 USD per year in salary and fringe benefits support for the applicant and/or a technician. Salaries and fringe benefits for mentors, post-doctoral fellows, or students may not be included.
  3. Supplies
    Supplies such as disposables, chemicals, reagent kits, animals, etc., may be included. Equipment purchases with a single item value of greater than $2,500 USD may not be included
  4. Travel
    Up to $1,500 USD per year for applicant’s travel to a scientific meeting for presentation of data may be included.
Visit for complete program information, including comprehensive details on eligibility, evaluation criteria, research proposal guidelines, application materials, budget guidelines and funding